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Hospice care is for people who can no longer benefit from regular medical treatment and are likely in their final months of life. Goal of hospice care is to provide comfort, palliative care for terminally ill individuals while allowing them as well as their families to focus on their personal and spiritual needs as they prepare for the end of life.

Flags for Hospice Evaluation:

  • Repeated infections (upper resp / UTI)
  • Continued weight loss
  • Bed bound with Decubi ulcers (with a terminal diagnosis)
  • Wounds thare are not healing or repeated infections despite aggressive treatment
  • Increase use of pain medication without control
  • Increase in restlessness/agitation
  • Respiratory distress (activity tolerance decreasing- pt was able to walk around home now only able to from room to room, decreasing distances)
  • Decrease endurance (frequent rest periods to complete task, increased periods of napping)
  • Increase in edema unrelieved by diuretics/ evaluation
  • Cardiac symptoms increased frequency despite cardiac medications that are maximized and symptoms persist, decrease endurance, increase fatigue, increased episodes of chest pain that are unrelieved with NTG, pt has dependent edema that is not relieved with diuretic, pt/family do not further treatment, increased need for oxygen
  • End stage kidney (requesting to stop dialysis, refusing dialysis)
  • Parkinson’s pt (unable to amb, tremors interfere with dietary intake, increase in confusion, forgetfulness, pt does not recognize family members), unable to hold up, requires lateral support to sit in chair
  • Liver disease (Jaundice, ABD, Ascities that interferes with ADLS, pt is SOB, restless unable to get comfortable, inccrease Ascities despite peritoneal taps, pt does not want further taps)
  • CA further treatments are not going to CURE, pt does not want additional treatments
  • Dementia/ALZ pt that have lost the ability the walk
  • Family requesting that they do not want pt to go to hospical
  • No further CURE or TREATMENT to control the progression of disease
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